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14 September, 2010


Photo Gallery

Salt Water Gallery
Contributions welcome - Click on thumbnail to enlarge photo's  

2 photos

20/07/08: Tom Crawford is well known in fishing circles in Hobart.  He is one of the fortunate ones who gets to work in the area that he loves.  He works at the Spot On Fishing Connection, and is always ready to help with tips and suggestions.  I was fortunate enough to have tagged along with Tom and Alistair for a days Bream fishing in early May.  Tom caught two bream for the day, Alistair one (pictured below) and I still had not opened my bream account.  But as the photos show below I learnt a lot from this trip. The bream were caught on soft plastics and a hard bodied rapala.

20/07/08: Earlier in May I had a trip with Alistair Creed.  After a bit of flogging with soft plastics he came up with this well condition bream.  The bream measured around 38cm.  I had no luck on this day.

3 Photos

28/06/08:  Had a great day out on the Derwent today, spent most of the time fishing along Cadbury's Point and the shore under the Bowen Bridge.  I ended up catching two very nice Bream for the day on a Stiffy hard bodied lure.

28/06/08:  This is Chris and he works at the Spot On Fishing shop in Hobart, this was his first trip out fishing for bream from a boat.  He caught this fine specimen on a soft plastic around the Cadbury's Point area.  "Some would say this might be beginners luck, especially his workmates!!"

3 Photos

25/05/08: Alistair and I went out on the Derwent and fished for most of the day, with the result only one bream and heaps of flatheads.  Alistair landed this nice looking bream (35cm in length) in the Sandy Bay area.

3 Photos

24/05/08: Well after a couple of months of flogging the water, purchasing new equipment and travelling countless hours up and down the Derwent, I finally managed to catch a couple of Bream. 
I caught these two beauties under the Bowen Bridge.

2 photos

20/04/08: Since purchasing my boat, my son Mitchell and I have spent many hours chasing the elusive bream on the Derwent river.  Sadly we have not bagged a good one yet, but as I was walking along the Lindisfarne break water I witnessed this young guy catch a beautiful specimen.  He had also caught one earlier under the Tasman Bridge.  Well at least we know they are there!!

05/05/07:  Alistair Creed with a fine catch of Blue Fin Tune he caught around the Hippolites area.  Alistair also pointed out that he caught all the tuna in the photo. What a great days fishing!

John Cleary proudly displaying a beautiful Jew Fish caught at Port Hurd, Bathurst Island Northern Territory.  This is what politicians do when they retire!!

25/07/06: Tony Chadwick with a superb Giant Trevally caught on a recent trip to the Kimberley's

John Cleary bringing one more fish to the net while Pickerel fishing in Winnipeg, Canada 2003

John Cleary with a large Barra caught during a fishing trip to the Tiwi's Bathurst Island 2004.  The Barra was a very respectable 90cm in length

John Bailey shows off his first Pink Snapper, weighing a massive 6.5 kilograms caught of Cockburn Sounds Western Australia

Yes as you can see I do the occasional bit of tuna fishing when I am able. This Blue fin weighed 18kg and was caught off the Lemons at Bicheno. (apologies for the quality of this photo, pre digital)

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