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Lake Burbury

Lake Burbury is a relatively new Hydro -Electric Commission storage on the King River about 10kms east of Queenstown. It is 235 klms from Hobart and 265kms from Launceston .

The Lake is 235 meters above sea level and the surface area is 47 square klms.  The max. depth is around 75meters at the Crotty Dam. The average depth is 30 meters.

I have fished this lake a couple of times and found it to be an exhilarating experience. The scenery is something to behold, (and I highly recommend that you take your camera on this trip), with it's huge hills and mountains rising up from the lake and the reflections on the water are breathtaking.

The Inland Fisheries Services heavily stocked this lake with b
oth browns and rainbow to take advantage of the abundant food available as the water levels raised. The trout size range between 500 grams up to 2 kilograms, with larger trout occasionally caught.

The lake is primary a boat fishing lake, with trolling the deep water accounting for most fish, using flatfish, cobra wobblers or deep trolling lures. The peak time for Fly fishing
occurs on calm mornings when the midges hatch in their millions in some of Tasmania's best wind lanes generating some exciting fishingFly fishing is also popular along the flooded shallow shores with browns seen cruising in the early morning as well as rising to midges and other surface and subsurface food during the day. The evening fish also produces very good mudeye action as well as moths and caddis fishing.  Bait fishers do very well fishing a live mudeye under a bubble float, around the emerging sticks and trees.

Care should be taken when boating in this lake because it can become very rough in a short time, leaving you on the other side of the lake unable to get back. Always keep your eye on the weather as you would do on any of the highland lakes.

Queenstown offers a full range of accommodation, from caravans to motels which are only a few klms from the lake. You can camp at the old Crotty construction site near the Darwin dam at the southern end of the lake. There is no power at that site. You can also camp at the picnic ground on the eastern shore near the bridge. Public toilets and day shelters are available.

Daily bag limit is now 20 fish,
Browns minimum size is 220 mm
Rainbows minimum size is 220 mm