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 07 January, 2011

 Fishing Blog
2nd January 2011
This morning a strong south westerly was blowing as usual, but despite the weather conditions Dale and I headed out to Little Pine.  The wind direction once again dictated from what direction we would fish.  Heading across the lake to Senator's Rock, out with the drogue, on with the flies and fingers crossed; we commenced our daily hunt.  Once again  I tried the two flies combo, this time a black nymph and a Rob's Dry.  Within ten minutes I had a smallish fish hit my dry (but a keeper).  We both thought this might be a good sign.  Yeah well our big day did not eventuate; we had the same problem as usual, not enough duns to get the trout going.  Later in the day Dale managed to catch a fish that was actually taking duns off the top, he was using a dry CDC.  Not sure what he called it.  We did see a large number of fish and duns, but the fish God's only gave us one fish each.  I think this was the norm for most anglers on the water.
1st January 2011
First fish for the New Year, when we rose the skies were blue, no clouds.  As there was a bit of wind and chop on Great Lake, we thought beauty, might be a good day for 'shark fishing'.  By the time we headed off a good cloud cover moved in, dashing any hope of chasing fish on the big lake.  On the move we opted to try Arthurs Lake, hoping the that it had improved since last year.  Launching Dale's boat from Pump House Bay, water looked very inviting, that was until we were out in the middle heading over to Tea Tree Bay.  We had to quickly change plans and direction when the wind hit us.  Phantom Bay was the preferred choice, but still very windy. We decided to fish deep, as there was no activity on top.  Out with the sinking lines and Woolly Buggers.  We made several drifts across the bay without success, so we continued our drift around into Jonah Bay; still no hits.  Drifting across the bay in front of Seven Pound Bay we still had no success, so into Seven Pound Bay itself.  We drifted across the bay and it wasn't long before a large fish it my Bugger, but I could not hook up.  That was the last action we had for the day and we vowed that will be the last trip until we hear that the fishing has improved.   Just a word of warning;  this lake is very full and has a lot of debris floating around, so boaters be careful.
27th December 2010
We woke this morning to a large snow dump on the ground.  Waiting till later in the day we chose Penstock again.  The weather was even worse than the previous couple of days.  Strong winds and several severe snow squalls, with large ice particles.  I again tied on two flies (same as the previous day), and Dale stuck to the Shaving Brush.  Within minutes I had a good fish on, looked like things were looking up.  But again this water proved difficult with few duns and trout only rising the once to take a morsel from the surface.  We ran into Bob French and Kerry Innes on the water who were having no luck, and Phil and Cameron Blizzard were also struggling.  They did eventually land a Rainbow and a Brown between them.  The weather was against us all, but I managed to land six fish, with all trout taking the suspended nymph.  Unfortunately once again I only had two keepers for the day.  Dale also only had one taker (which was duly released) on the Shaving Brush.
26th December 2010
I rose to another blustery day, conditions may have been a little worse than yesterday.  Deciding to try and hide from the wind; maybe Penstock?  Launched the boat in one of the most picturesque boat ramps in Australia; it had filled up with a few campsites since my last visit earlier in the year.  As the wind was blowing straight up the lake, I motored down to the Waddamana wall.  The wind was howling making sighting fish very hard.  I must say if they ever decide to make this water a rowing or electric motor water only; they will be rescuing a few people.  It would be impossible to row or even with the use of an electric motor to get back to the boat ramp, if the wind was from the other direction.  As I came out of the river Phil Blizzard called me on the UHF and told me he had just landed a nice 5lb trout from the shore.  I tied on a Black Nymph and a Shaving Brush and commenced my searching. Dale eventually turned up, and I picked him up from the dam wall.  I managed to catch 4 trout and Dale landed one, but all were undersize.
25th December 2010
The wind is once again howling in the highlands, with a strong South Wester blowing I thought I might take my chances at Little Pine Lagoon.  Not surprisingly I was the first boat at the boat ramp.  Launched the boat and noticed a number of seagulls just off the island, so I ventured over for a look.  Noticed a few duns drifting down in the breeze, but no fish on them.  I motored across to Senator's Rock and commenced a drift down the lake towards the river.  Heaps of duns now showing, but still there was an absence of fish.  Finally a fish or two showed and enticed it with a Shaving Brush, was not in very good condition so it was released.  The trend of spasmodic rises continued through till 3pm, when a large number of fish appeared.  I managed to land another four fish, released two and kept two (fish caught on Shaving Brush and Possum Fur Dun).   Met Phil Potter at the boat ramp, he and his son had done pretty well.
28th September 2010
We woke Tuesday morning to even more snow, Nathan was getting a little stir crazy now.  We watched a couple of fishing DVD's, at least we were watching other guys catching some.  Again we tried our luck on the shores of Great Lake.  What a mistake this turned out to be.  We were only fishing for a couple of minutes when a huge squall came through.  We charged to the closest rock and taking cover watched as the snow horizontally blew past.  Slowly the squall eased;  off we went again, I looked across to the pub and an even worst storm front was about to hit us.  I yelled at Nathan to run and hide.  We were tied down for ten minutes, we discussed the situation and decided to call it quits for the day.
27th September 2010
No surprise we rose to a very thick covering of snow.  We had no hope of going fishing this morning as we could barely see the road.  Knocked around the shack for most of the day.  Later in the afternoon we decided to try and get out and fish around the shores of Swan Bay.  Fished for a couple of hours, but the fish had more sense than we did, no fish landed.
26th September 2010
Nathan and I arrived at the shack around 4pm.  Lit the fire and we decided to head around to the pub for a drink.  Part of the ritual that has been adhered to for 20 plus years.  Leaving pub a couple of hours later, proved to be a pre cursor to what was install for us for the next couple of days.  The snow had begun to fall and thankfully we were in a 4wd or we may have not made it home.
26th September 2010

Finally heading to the lakes tomorrow for a couple of days (can't wait).  Weather forecast is not the best, very cold and snow to 400 metre level, but that's life, you have to take the good with the bad.  Have prepped the boat and all raring to go.
25th September 2010

Overheard some interesting fishing reports today in the shop.  Mason Paul a well known fisherman from Burnie, with the aid of his son caught over 40 trout from Great Lake during the week on soft plastics.  Heard another guy drifted down the 'Road Shore' at Little Pine in his boat, he was drifting about a cast length from the shore, casting towards the shore and managed to nail a large number of fish.
21st September 2010
Visiting my son in Brisbane, we took a trip to the Sunshine Coast to go on a fishing charter.  We first tried a guy in Mooloolaba but due to a forecast of 20 - 30 knots and a 2 metre swell he said he would not take the risk.. We continued on to Noosa (stayed the night), we tried to organise another two charter operators for a days fishing, but they too would not take the risk.  I can only say they would not make much of a living in Tassie!!  The boys were very disappointed.
15th August 2010
I have been hearing some very good reports of water levels in the highlands.  Great Lake has the most was in it, it has had for years. This will continue to rise, as we hear they are going to do more work on the pumps at Poatina.  Arthurs Lake has been giving up some very good fish, this lake is also the fullest it has been for years, not far from spilling, and may do so if the rain continues as they have also shut down the pump to Great Lake.  Very cold.
7th August 2010

Start of the 2010/11 trout season, but unfortunately I had to work.  My son Nathan went for a trip to Lake Roseberry, were he caught 4 nice trout.  Did not manage to land any Atlantic Salmon.  Mates of mine caught some nice fish at Little Pine Lagoon, but had to contend with very icy edges.  They also caught some good conditioned Browns from Arthurs.